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Dr. Timothy Stein

Wellness Pregnancies & Breech Presentation

My first child was two days away from being a C-section delivery for breech presentation when she was able to turn on her own, by means of the Webster technique that Dr. Stein used.  Since then, during my two subsequent pregnancies, chiropractic has been extremely helpful for relieving lower back pain and general joint discomfort.

Lisa Y.

Astma & Immunity

My five year old son was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease (RAD) at the age of 3. He experienced asthma -like symptoms (wheezing, chronic cough and shortness of breath) every time he was sick with a cold. He would experience colds every four weeks on the dot and we were always at Urgent Care or at the Emergency room for breathing treatments and Prednisone medication.

We tried everything to alleviate his symptoms including but not limited to Naturopathic doctors, Homeopathic doctors, Iridologists, and Herbalists. We spent thousands of dollars on alternative medicines, vitamins and supplements. We did try chiropractic care, but not on a consistent basis. My son visited a chiropractor about 4 times a year.

I heard about Dr. Stein's clinic and decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I've ever made for my son's health. My son has had consistent chiropractic care for a few months now and his health is the strongest it's been in two years. His colds are noticeably less frequent and less severe and he no longer has asthma-like symptoms when sick.

Thank you Dr. Timothy Stein!

Much appreciative,

Susan B.

ADHD, Allergies, Asthma, Immunity, & General Health

Being a mother is tough, and knowing how to trust your instincts is even harder. Being a Mother of 6 boys is a challenge more so when they have some health issues. The boys range in ages 3-14 and are pretty healthy with a few things like, allergies, asthma and ADD. We had begun to look at alternatives to the everyday pill or over the counter methods because it just didn't seem like it was the answer. We were really struggling with my Twins. My Son Lucian is the one who has ADD and his brother Kerian has asthma. It was really Lucian's ADD that made me begin to look at chiropractic care. We had begun researching and found that kids with ADD can really benefit from this kind of care.

I began taking my 6 boys to Dr. Stein and immediately noticed a difference for all 6 boys. Lucian for the first time was sleeping through the night, he is almost 5 years old and this was the first time he was sleeping through the night, he also tells me after he gets an adjustment that he can feel his brain slowing down. Dr Stein has given us some other tools to use with Lucian when he is having a bad day. Things like compression work very well between adjustments. His Twin brother Keiran has terrible Asthma and we noticed it at 3 months old with him. It gets really bad with changes in weather and he becomes very moody and clingy. Since beginning the chiropractic care with Dr Stein we have only had to use his inhaler a handful of times and not had to use the nebulizer at all. It is amazing.

My Son Vincent, 6 years old, has some roller coaster waves of emotion and we have realized that he also benefits from the care in the same ways as Lucian. Vincent can go from being a moody, emotional child to an even keeled boy after an adjustment. Vincent also suffers from allergies and when it is allergy season he sneezes all the time, you can really tell when he hasn't been adjusted because his allergies are terrible in between.

My son Evan, age 12, has some wrist and ankle problems, they seem to bother him when he uses them in physical activities such as basketball or drumming. When we began care it was his ankles and knees that were bothering him and he was even wearing brace for his knee. As Dr. Stein worked with him he no longer needed the braces and can do physical activities without it. His wrists also bother him from when he broke both of them at age 7, when he practices his drums he has a tendency to get really sore, but once again Dr Stein has given him tools to use to help with the pain and how to prevent it before it happens. We use much less pain relievers and I hear far less complaints. He does the stretching before his drum class and he now knows how to help relieve the pain on his own.

My youngest son Heathroe suffers from allergies as well. He sneezes in his sleep they get so bad and I really hate to keep giving him allergy meds, one it is a fight every time to take them and two I think chiropractic care really helps to build his system up by making it work properly. We had a break from the chiropractic care and his allergies got so bad I was never more convinced at the benefits of this type of care.

My oldest son Aris is 14 years old and suffers the worst from allergies he wakes up sneezing he goes to bed sneezing, he has the classic symptoms of allergies but also suffers from really bad headaches. He seems to benefit the most in the headaches. He has had headaches for a few days that nothing seems to work on and we can go get an adjustment and the headache is gone by the time we get back home. His allergies subside and he can function again.

I cannot express enough how chiropractic care has benefitted my family. It is amazing to see the results and to know that there is an alternative to just giving them a pill. Chiropractic care has made such a difference in the health and well being of my family. Dr. Stein is a wonderful Dr. He is very kind attentive and understands that kids will be kids and how to get them to the table for an adjustment. My 6 boys think the world of him. They never say I don't want to go; as a matter of fact they get upset if only half of them end up needing and adjustment. Dr Stein is always willing to listen and takes the time to really understand what is going on, and how best to handle it. He is always willing to help us understand how things work and why this kind of adjustment will work in a certain way. I am extremely grateful and happy that we have found Dr Stein!

My 6 boys and my sanity have been greatly helped by this type of care. Chiropractic care has worked in my family from allergies and asthma to the ADD and I cannot say that I would ever be this happy with the "standard" western style medicine. The standard of care alone makes a difference to have a Dr. who not only listens to the parent but also to the child is rare alone, this make the kids less afraid and more confident to listen to their bodies. Chiropractic care has made a huge difference in my family.

Cass S.

Autism/ Asperger's & Functional Wellness

Dr. Stein,

Since Tom has been involved with your supportive chiropractic services we have noticed an improvement in his use of his non-dominant side (left) and his balance and physical coordination.  For example, he had trouble maintaining balance when he ran and would shift to his left side and his gate had an uneven step pattern. With your supportive assistance, our son, Tom, has improved in his running with consistency in direction and effort with increased speed. We have noticed improved balance when standing and less shifting when sitting. With his gate we have seen a more consistent step pattern also. We had noticed that he is able to pay attention more in school as a result of his decrease in trying to adjust for comfort. Thank you for your help with my son and helping him to become more confident in his physical abilities and development.


Joseph and Lisa P.

More Function & Less Pain

My experience with Dr. Stein at Straightahead Chiropractic has been one of consistently effective treatment for any issues of pain, discomfort or impaired mobility arising in my neck, back, shoulder and/or hands. The promptness in which the office returns phone calls, along with the doctor's willingness to be available and the flexibility of scheduling appointments as needed has been exceptional.

Susanne L.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "We have been seeing Dr. Stein for a year and we went from our four-year old having multiple ear infections and on the road to ear tube surgery to only having one ear infection this entire past year!! We have also noticed stronger immune systems!! I am excited to see how adjustments will benefit my other three children (10, 8, and 2) who just began their treatment plans, as my oldest already feels like he can focus better in school. Also, the whole staff at Straightahead is very fun and loving!!"
    Audrey Lopez / Facebook
  • "Dr Stein and his staff are nothing short of amazing. My kids are so comfortable there, they actually hate when it’s time to leave, and ask when they get to go back. Most importantly, their health is improving, and the issues that led me to Dr Stein in the first place are already improving. Straightahead was an answer to prayer for us, and I’m so grateful to everyone there for how much they love and care about my family."
    Stacy Holt / Facebook
  • "I can not say enough about how Dr. Stein and his amazing staff has changed our families lives. He has helped my husband, myself, and our son with different issues and has helped us tremendously. Most recently he is helping my sister, and I’m thrilled for her to be in his care."
    Tracy Richelli Maletti / Facebook