It is important to note that at Straightahead Chiropractic, we do not “treat” Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  However, that doesn't mean that we're not seeing life changing results every day... because WE ARE!

However, since ADHD presents as a Neurodevelopmental Disorder and Chiropractic Care helps reduce nervous system disturbances, many parents who want a natural, drug-free solution for their child have found Chiropractic Care helpful... & yes, at times, even "miraculous."

What are some of the Common Symptoms associated with ADHD?

A few of the classic signs and concerns that parents and teachers frequently report to us include:

  • Inattention, hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating
  • Inability to control impulsive thoughts and behaviors
  • Easily distracted by noises and activities
  • Difficulty sitting still and always moving—fingers, hands, arms, feet or legs

First Things First

The "elephant in the room" and questions that we know are begging to be asked (because we are asked every single day), and sadly not widely discussed in most conventional medical circles, are: "Why is this happening?" and "Where is it coming from?"

The easy answer is STRESS, and in Chiropractic we break that down into what we call the 3 T's:

1. Traumas - Physical Stress:  Backpacks, poor-posture, "text-neck," injuries, lack of exercise, and/or excessive sitting all have a negative cumulative affect on our bodies, and alter the way our brains respond and interact with the environment.  However, backing up further, the main commonalities we have seen time and again in the hundreds of histories of these types of cases point back to: compression in Utero (breech, transverse lie, or maternal pelvic imbalances, often indicated by Sciatica or back/pelvis pain in pregnancy), or most commonly Birth Trauma and Interventions (i.e. Induction, Epidural, C-Section, Sunny-Side Up, excessively fast or slow labor, etc.).

2. Toxins - Chemical Stress: Glycophosphate, Smog, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Processed foods, Gluten, Casein, and Medications all place demands on our bodies requiring an appropriate response to sustain life and survive as balanced and healthy as possible.  Early on, substances like Pitocin, Epidurals, Vaccines, Pain Meds, and even Antibiotics to either mom or baby, all necessitate a response for them to be effective, as well as for our bodies to make sense of them, which is a Stress, either good or bad.

3. Thoughts - Emotional Stress:  This is often what most people think of when "stress" is mentioned.  And in the pediatric world, the natural response is to ask: "why would a child or baby be stressed-out?".  Often Emotional Stress is not the main culprit or trigger, though if pregnancy and or labor and delivery are stressful, that stress can be translated to the baby.  More likely, Emotional Stress is perhaps the key factor in creating deep rooted neurologically ingrained patterns and habits of staying stuck in a fight/flight cycle.  Also, as kiddos age and are faced with and become more aware of struggles to focus, maintain a G.P.A., regulate behavior, etc. they begin showing signs of depression and anxiety, which then often spill back over to poor: posture (Trauma - slouching) and diet (Toxins - comfort food), hence the Stress Cycle.

Traditional Medical Treatment

The most common treatment is drugging the child with a Class 2 psychotropic drug.  The artificial approach to controlling symptoms of ADHD is to administer regular doses of methylphenidate, more commonly known as Ritalin®.  Ritalin® is a schedule II controlled substance related to, and producing similar effects as, amphetamines and cocaine. The side effects, including personality changes and permanent changes to the brain, cause many parents to look for alternatives. More and more parents are wisely turning to chiropractic.

We all know that hyperactivity is not the result of stimulant shortages in: Ritalin®, Adderall®, Concerta®; or non-stimulant medications like: Catapres®, Straterra®, or Tenex®.  Likewise, as stress accumulates and the pressure builds, signs of Anxiety and Depression appear, frequently leading to the prescription of Anti-depressants like: Zoloft®, Aventyl®, Prozac®, or Wellbutrin®.  We also know most parents are not enthusiastic about medication for their kids, but need to do something and do not always know of other options, like Chiropractic.  That said, Chiropractic may not always eliminate meds, but with a properly functioning nervous system, the need of or dependency on them can diminish.

Chiropractic Approach

Instead, of focusing (pun intended) on the symptoms or even the stresses listed above, at Straightahead Chiropractic, we look at how that stress is affecting the body and causing it to compensate and mal-adapt to the environment.  The spine either feeds the brain with good or bad information, which is dictated by how well it is positioned and moving.  When the Spine is restricted, so is the communication between the body and the brain, and visa versa.  This will cause disturbances to a child’s (or adult's) nervous system in which survival mode takes over, and the stress response stays stuck on!  Imagine being on a walk and hearing a dog barking and approaching.  You must decide if your should run or fight.  It is defensive, and automatically placed in us by design for survival.  Now, imagine living in that high adrenaline, constantly on edge state... that's what most of these kids with ADHD are facing!  We most commonly see these problems associated with spinal distortions in the upper neck, and when we correct these distortions and restore the associated neurology, the cycle can be broken, allowing the body to heal, function at a higher level, further reaching the potential God designed it for! 

As parents, we want the best for our children. If your child exhibits the symptoms of ADHD, you know it affects virtually everyone your child is in contact with. Before you submit to drug therapy, make an appointment for a chiropractic evaluation. Take a minute to fill out the form below for a FREE 10 minute phone consultation with one of our Doctors.


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  • "We have been seeing Dr. Stein for a year and we went from our four-year old having multiple ear infections and on the road to ear tube surgery to only having one ear infection this entire past year!! We have also noticed stronger immune systems!! I am excited to see how adjustments will benefit my other three children (10, 8, and 2) who just began their treatment plans, as my oldest already feels like he can focus better in school. Also, the whole staff at Straightahead is very fun and loving!!"
    Audrey Lopez / Facebook
  • "Dr Stein and his staff are nothing short of amazing. My kids are so comfortable there, they actually hate when it’s time to leave, and ask when they get to go back. Most importantly, their health is improving, and the issues that led me to Dr Stein in the first place are already improving. Straightahead was an answer to prayer for us, and I’m so grateful to everyone there for how much they love and care about my family."
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  • "I can not say enough about how Dr. Stein and his amazing staff has changed our families lives. He has helped my husband, myself, and our son with different issues and has helped us tremendously. Most recently he is helping my sister, and I’m thrilled for her to be in his care."
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